An In-depth Look At Fast Strategies Of Food

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This could change the game for struggling regional sports networks . While the sports world is fixated on DTC’s promise , streaming remains a challenge from both an execution (see: latency, piracy) and cost standpoint. As Achilles explained, “The core economic problem is that if 100,000 people are watching a baseball game, that’s 100,000 parallel, simultaneous DTC streams [the broadcaster must deliver]. With broadcast, just one stream [of the game] will cover 80-85% of the homes in a market.” Of course, he noted that by reducing the cost structure “by three to four orders of magnitude,” Evoca has “more room to be able to pay the RSNs what their normal fee is” and still price its service significantly cheaper than the legacy providers. The base bundle currently costs $9.50 month (subscribers get the pricing for life). In the short-term, Evoca should be able to provide reach to RSN businesses in markets in which it operates. The company already has distribution deals in place with Root Sports Northwest in Boise and AT&T Rocky Mountain and Altitude Sports in Colorado Springs. In Colorado, Altitude Sports has been blacked out in 85% of the market for much of the last two years (as the company spars with distributors). So Evoca provides a pathway for an RSN that has been frozen out by the established distributors to reach fans.

Another councillor posted photos of the substation , showing further details of the vandalism, including where part of a brick wall had been bashed down. The incident did take place in Kariega, at a substation on Heron Road in Rosedale. News outlet Herald Live covered the outage in a 10 December 2021 article, noting that the resulting outage affected Rosedale and several surrounding suburbs the day before. Vandalism and theft of electricity infrastructure remain issues in Nelson Mandela Bay, with several substations vandalised in the months before the video was shared. The municipality said in October 2021 that it was "working tirelessly to put in place measures to combat rampant vandalism and theft of municipal infrastructure, in particular of the electrical substations". Local businesses have also hired private security services to guard substations in the municipality from theft and vandalism. However, this video is from December 2020, and Africa Check could find no more recent reports of theft or vandalism at the Heron Road substation in Rosedale. Read the original story , with links and other resources. Africa Check is a non-partisan organisation which promotes accuracy in public debate and in the media.